WWF and Partners Secure Long-Term Funding to Protect the Peruvian Amazon

From WWF - The Government of Peru, WWF and partners today announced a commitment of $140 million to expand and effectively manage almost 17 million hectares of protected areas in the Amazon.

The funds will be used to buy wildlife monitoring equipment; develop resilience and mitigation strategies; and increase and strengthen participation by local and indigenous people in the management of protected areas.

The funding supports “Patrimonio Natural del Perú” (National Parks: Peru’s Natural Legacy), a Government of Peru-led cutting-edge initiative to create financial sustainability for the entire national protected areas system of Peru. The initiative will eventually cover 100 percent of Peru’s protected areas network. which is mainly comprised of national parks in the Amazon river basin and marine protected areas in the Andean Coast.

Read the full story on the WWF site and view the Press Release here.

Photo credit: Day’s Edge Productions / WWFUS

IUCN - Incubator for Nature Conservation (INC) Consultancy/Internship in Conservation Finance - Peru

The International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) is seeking candidates for a paid conservation finance internship with CIMA, a Peruvian NGO (  The finance specialist will work from the CIMA office in Lima, Peru, and help to develop an internal business development, capitalization, and financial management plan, with a specific focus on building long term financial capacity for the management of the Cordillera Azul National Park ( The finance specialist will also visit the CIMA field headquarters near the park, and receive backstopping and technical support provided by a U.S. based specialist working with the IUCN Conservation Finance Incubator (INC) ( The finance specialist will work directly with the CIMA team for a period of six months starting in Feburary 2019, with a fixed stipend of U.S. $12,000 paid for all services provided. A detailed Terms of Reference with requirements and formal application procedures for this work can be obtained by sending a concise note to Applications for this position must be delivered to, with a closing date of January 25, 2019. An ability to read, write, and converse confidently in Spanish will be essential.