Environmental Funds Working Group

The focus of this group established in 2007 is the development of Environmental Funds as a mechanism for conservation finance. The mission of the CFA's Environmental Funds Working Group is to encourage promotion, knowledge transfer and exchange about environmental funds among relevant funds, donors and NGOs. The purpose of these environmental funds, and thus the WG’s aim as well, is the protection of global biodiversity.

Specific areas of interest include:

  • Governance issues and best practices

  • Asset management, including endowment funds

  • Analysis and promotion of various revolving revenue opportunities

  • Innovative financing for Environmental Funds

  • Operational practices

  • Monitoring and evaluation

Specifically, the activities of the Environmental Funds Working Group include:

  • Analysis and communication of best practices in designing and managing environmental funds

  • Development and maintenance of tools to help create new environmental funds and to improve the management of existing environmental funds

  • Raise awareness and disseminate updated information on environmental funds

  • Management and enhancement of the Environmental Funds Toolkit (online).

100 Members from 28 Countries

Interested in Joining the CFA Environmental Funds Working Group?

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Then, use the form below to contact the chair with your name and a short message about your interest in CFA Environmental Funds.

Chair: Zdenka Piskulich

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Survey for Environmental Funds Working Group Members

Hoping to better serve the members of the Environmental Funds Working Group, the WG chairs have created a short survey to aid in defining the terms in which this WG will operate moving forward. We ask that you please take a moment to fill out this survey, and also take a look at the EFWG Terms of Reference if you have any questions about current structure and operations.