Funbio seeks a specialist consultant to develop a financial strategy for RedLAC and CAFÉ long-term sustainability: Project K – Knowledge for Action

Funbio is seeking a specialist consultant to aid in developing a financial strategy for RedLAC and CAFÉ long-term sustainability in "Project K – Knowledge for Action". 

This consultancy aims at developing a common financial strategy for both the RedLAC and CAFÉ networks as a way to ensure their long-term sustainability by strengthening the network members’ financing skills. This consultancy shall be carried out by one consultant with a balanced knowledge and experience regarding the development of financing and marketing strategies for EFs (or environmental organizations, biodiversity conservation initiatives), so that all requirements mentioned in this Term of Reference can be fulfilled. The full ToR is available for download here.

A full description of the position is available on Funbio's website. Consultants interested in this call are asked to send the resume (CV) and a cover letter showing previous similar professional experiences related to the activities, products and required competences. The cover letter should have a maximum of 2 pages. All CVs and cover letters shall be written in English and sent to by May 25th, 2018.

New Book on Biodiversity Offsets

Biodiversity offsets and policies aimed at achieving no net loss or net gains of biodiversity are often promoted as innovative financing mechanisms for biodiversity. Numerous publications and analyses are based on the well-documented experiences of the USA or Australia. Europe has had biodiversity offset policies since the 1970s, but these are often only described in grey literature, and not always in English. A new book published by Springer contributes to filling this gap: it provides a comprehensive overview of the full range of offsetting principles in several European countries. Each country chapter gives the respective legal background, methods adopted as well as case studies. More information about the book is available on the Springer webpage

Launch of Environmental Impact Reporting in Agriculture (EIRA) with Clarmondial and Wageningen University

Clarmondial AG and Wageningen Environmental Research (WEnR), supported by EIT Climate-KIC’s Climate-Smart Agriculture (CSA) Booster, have joined forces on a new initiative to promote transparency and science-based approaches to monitoring environmental impacts in agricultural supply chains.

EIRA (Environmental Impact Reporting for Agriculture) is a new reporting initiative designed to boost environmental stewardship across complex agricultural supply chains by aggregating and synthesizing key environmental impact metrics for agriculture. EIRA is intended to result in a new, low-cost, science-based tool to help financiers and agri-businesses benchmark and compare their environmental impact performance to inform better decision-making, to aggregate existing data sources, and to highlight critical research gaps.

Further information is available in the full press release.

Note from the Executive Director

Members and Partners of the Conservation Finance Alliance,
It is a great pleasure and an honor to address you as the first Executive Director of the CFA.  As someone who has worked in this field for many years, I have greatly benefited from the rich array of resources the CFA has developed and made available over the years and if you are reading this note, I imagine you have as well.  This wealth of knowledge on the CFA website – searchable published and grey literature resources, the Environmental Funds Toolkit – and in targeted publications such as the CTF Practice StandardsConservation Trust Fund Investment SurveysCFA’s webinar series, and at various meetings, trainings and workshops held at global and regional conferences – provides essential nutrients to the growing ecosystem of global conservation finance practitioners.  As members and partners of the CFA, you are the source of this knowledge and information and hopefully the beneficiary of these efforts as well.
I have begun reaching out to partners and members to gather background information and to harness your insights into how the CFA can optimize its historical assets and advance our shared objectives.  A more formal process will be developed shortly and we will organize an online “general assembly” to share recent developments and collaboratively plan a path forward.  Please stay tuned for upcoming announcements and communications.
Warm Regards,

David Meyers Short.jpg

David Meyers
Executive Director, CFA

New Report on Innovation for Coral Finance

The 2018 International Year of the Reef is an opportunity for the world’s media to highlight the many threats faced by coral ecosystems and the need to protect them. One of the main challenges faced when implementing coral conservation activities is the financing of it; the funds currently needed to achieve effective and lasting conservation greatly exceed the available funds, generating a substantial financing gap.

To explore ways of reducing this gap, the International Coral Reef Initiative releases a study of opportunities offered by innovative financing mechanisms for coral conservation. The seven most promising notions are presented. The report prompts for more integrated models, notably using a business-model approach. It introduces four example business models addressing specific coral-context challenges and how they can be used by local conservationists and decision-makers as a tool to make coral conservation sustainable. These examples are paving the way for dozens of customised coral business models still to be designed. We hope this first report will help renew the approach of coral finance.

The report is available here for download.

WWF Switzerland Seeks Head of Impact Venture Initiative

At WWF Switzerland, 220 employees and more than 3,000 volunteers work together to protect nature and the environment. They pursue the WWF’s goals of maintaining biodiversity, using our resources sustainably and promoting environmentally friendly lifestyles. A few years ago, we began a pilot initiative within the international WWF network to promote ventures in the environmental sector. Our aims included making conservation more effective and promoting the setup of self-financed initiatives that create added value for the local population in biodiversity hotspots. The next step is now to scale up this initiative and establish relevant processes. To meet this challenge, they are looking for a new Head of Impact Venture Initiative.

For further information on this position as well as how to apply please see the announcement here.

UNDP Green Commodities Programme Career Opportunity

UNDPs Green Commodities Programme (GCP) has opened a call for experts to apply to join their roster of experts for the potential to support projects in our growing portfolio of commodity projects.  Highly qualified candidates are encouraged to apply and all members are welcome to share this announcements with their colleagues.

The link to apply for the Green Commodities Programme Expert Roster (called the Establishment of a Pre-Approved Roster on Sustainable Agricultural Commodities) is available here.

Closing date for applications is May 7th  2018.

Request for Proposals: Roster of Pre-Qualified vendors for the Provision of Technical Support Services to Carry out Targeted Scenario Analyses for UNDP


The objective of the Request For Proposals is to establish a Roster of Pre-Qualified vendors for the provision of technical support and advisory services related to carrying out the Targeted Scenario Analyses (TSA). TSA is an innovative analytical approach, developed by UNDP, that captures and presents the value of ecosystem services in a way that is more relevant to the choices facing a public or private decision maker. You can find full details of the TSA approach in the English version of the guide that can be downloaded here

These Service Providers will need to be able to assemble a team of specialists with appropriate skill sets and experiences to assist UNDP in carrying out the TSA’s in a range of countries around the world, on an ‘as-needed’ basis. Further information, including how to apply, is available here. Application deadline is April 27th, 2018.

BIOFIN Webinar - Privately Protected Areas: A finance solution for private sector engagement in conservation

This April 23rd, at 9:00am EST, BIOFIN will host a webinar discussing Privately Protected Areas as a solution for private sector engagement in conservation. Through attendance in this webinar, participants will be able to understand what a PPA is, how it leverages private sector investment into biodiversity conservation, in which contexts it can be implemented, and how to build a successful model of PPA.

A full description of the webinar is available here, and for registration please click the button below.