This Tool Kit shares the experiences of contributing Environmental Funds – their legal documents, manuals, plans, and communications materials. The goal is to help guide the creation and start-up of new Funds, promote best practices for existing Funds, and increase the efficiency and effectiveness to secure, and expend, reliable funding streams for biodiversity conservation. There are approximately 40 Environmental Funds – also called Conservation Trust Funds – with a biodiversity conservation focus, established around the globe. Environmental Funds are internationally recognized for their role in channeling global funds to support national conservation priorities.

This website provides an ongoing means of sharing documents and best practices between them. The Tool Kit is intended to provide ideas and examples on how other Funds have organized. No effort has been made to qualify or rank the value of the documents. They are original documents, in original languages, without claim to their relative merits, and are not intended for copying sample text verbatim. All Funds need to craft and adapt their documents to local legal systems, cultural norms, and institutional alliances.

This Tool Kit belongs to the Environmental Fund community.  Please add new documents as an ongoing way to strengthen all Funds in their efforts to be ever more effective in securing and disbursing reliable and long-term funding for conservation.






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