Upcoming CFA Webinar: Project Finance for Permanence in Peru

Date: November 12th 2019

Time: 12pm EST

RSVP is kindly requested of all participants.

About 60% of Peruvian territory is covered by the Amazon rainforest, more than in any other country. With increasing pressures of deforestation, wildfires and land use change affecting the 38 protected areas in the Amazon region, the Peruvian government and conservation donors recognized the need for bold action to ensure the conservation of this important ecosystem. Partnering with the World Wildlife Fund, the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation and Andes Amazon Fund, the Peruvian government applied and adapted the Project Finance for Permanence (PFP) approach to ensure sustainable financing and permanent conservation of 16.7 million hectares of the Peruvian Amazon. The PFP approach built institutional capacity and leveraged the power of a single closing agreement to secure commitments for US$ 140 million from private and public sources for a shared conservation goal. Join Carolin Planitzer from WWF and Cindy Vergel from the Protected Areas National Service - SERNANP to discuss the lessons learned from developing this large-scale initiative.

Further information as well as a link to register are available here.