CFA Side Event at the RedLAC Assembly, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia

Please join the Conservation Finance Alliance for an engaging session on Monday, 29 October, from 13:30-16:30 in Sala Empresarial 2.

The agenda will feature:

  • Current Investment Climate and Global Financial Situation – Javier Mtanous, Master Capital

  • Conservation Trust Investment Survey for Calendar Year 2017 – presentation of results and discussion

  • CFA’s key initiatives and strategic planning – presentation and discussion

  • Re-launch of the Environmental Funds Working Group

Open to all attendees of the RedLAC Assembly. Light refreshments will be provided. Please RSVP so we can plan for your attendance.

Workshop on Innovative Financing for Biodiversity Conservation

October 27-28 at RedLAC 2018 in Bolivia

As part of the 2018 Assembly of the Latin American and Caribbean Network of Environmental Funds (RedLAC) the CFA is providing a two-day workshop for Environmental Funds and their partners.  This training focused workshop is a collaborative effort by CFA, RedLAC, Project K, and the hosts: Fundación para el Desarrollo del Sistema Nacional de Áreas Protegidas (FUNDESNAP) and Fundación para la Conservación del Bosque Chiquitano (FCBC). The workshop aims to explore innovative tools that enhance Environmental Funds’ ability to finance and support biodiversity conservation. The workshop will use presentations, case studies, and facilitated group discussions to share innovations and learnings for several mechanisms in half-day sessions including: 1) Biodiversity Offsets, 2) Impact Investing & Enterprise Incubators, 3) Financing Protected Areas through Tourism, and 4) a topic to be determined by the participants.

Workshop sessions will explore enabling conditions and design features useful for effective financing mechanisms, compare implementation in different situations, and learn from successes as well as failures.

The workshop will be held in Santa Cruz de las Sierra, Bolivia, October 27th-28th, 2018, in the 2 days prior to the RedLAC Assembly.  Please register for both the RedLAC Assembly and the Workshop.
To Register for the Workshop:
For more information contact:

Please see the downloadable workshop description for further information.

David Meyers to Become CFA Executive Director

The Executive Committee of the Conservation Finance Alliance (CFA) is pleased to announce that David Meyers will become the Executive Director of the CFA, effective April 13, 2018.
David comes to the CFA from the Biodiversity Finance Initiative (BIOFIN) at UNDP, where he served as a senior technical advisor for the BIOFIN process in 14 countries and lead on the global BIOFIN methodology.
“David’s first-hand experience in the practice of conservation finance, combined with his professional relationships with so many CFA members and his own experience as a long-term CFA member, make him an ideal leader for the next phase of the CFA,” said Sylvie Goyet of the Executive Committee.
In prior roles, David has been consultant on various conservation finance, ecology, economic and environmental projects and initiatives, an entrepreneur in environmental ventures, and a lecturer at both Yale and Columbia Universities. David earned his Bachelors and Doctorate degrees from Duke University and his MBA from the Yale School of Management.
“I have greatly benefitted from the resources and network of the CFA since the early 2000’s and am honored to have the opportunity to lead the organization in this exciting phase,” said Dr. Meyers.
Currently based on the East Coast of the United States, David has lived for extended periods in both Europe and Madagascar.
David will step into the Executive Director role on April 13. Through September 30, 2018, he will be working half-time while wrapping up existing commitments to UNDP-BIOFIN; starting October 1 he will be leading the CFA full-time. During the transition period, Katy Mathias will continue to support the CFA Secretariat to ensure continuity in CFA projects and administration.

New CFA Professional Services Directory

In order to help CFA members find each other for consulting projects, we are introducing a new Professional Services Directory. Members who work as consultants can list themselves and the types of services they provide, and members who are looking for consultants will have an easy way to find who has a particularly specialty.

If you want to be listed in the Professional Services Directory, please complete this form. In the interest of space, each entry will be relatively short, but can link to a webpage, LinkedIn profile, or other online presence where you can provide more information. As submissions come in, the page will be launched shortly with a link included in the next newsletter.

CFA Book Recommendations

In a recent gathering of CFA Members it was suggested that we have a space to compile a list of books on conservation that are highly recommended by other members. Through this we would hope that our members would be inspired to read, learn, and share together through books on conservation. If you have a book you would like to recommend, please send the title, author, your name, as well as a description up to 150 words on why you suggested it to . As recommendations come in, they will be posted on the CFA Website.

CFA to Hire First Executive Director

The Conservation Finance Alliance is now soliciting applications for its first full-time Executive Director, to lead the next stage of CFA's strengthening and growth as a network. The job description and application process can be accessed through the CFA website. Please help us spread the word to people who you think would be good candidates for the position. Applications are requested by November 15 via the WCS careers page.

Environmental Funds Tool Kit Back Online

As CFA continues to move forward we are working on fixing issues with the site, and the Environmental Funds Tool Kit is officially back up and running. This Tool Kit shares the experiences of contributing Environmental Funds – their legal documents, manuals, plans, and communications materials. The goal is to help guide the creation and start-up of new Funds, promote best practices for existing Funds, and increase the efficiency and effectiveness to secure, and expend, reliable funding streams for biodiversity conservation. We hope this will continue to be a helpful tool for you all to utilize in your work.

Within the toolkit there are still a few broken links that are connected to the old site. If you run into any issues with these please feel free to contact our secretariat to get everything sorted out.

The toolkit can be found here or through the affiliated page on the CFA Website.


Conservation Trust Fund Investment Survey (CTIS) for 2015 Now Available

The Wildlife Conservation Society and the Conservation Finance Alliance, in partnership with RedLAC and CAFÉ, are pleased to share the Conservation Trust Investment Survey report for Calendar Year 2015. Funding for the report was provided by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, the Linden Trust for Conservation, and Acacia Partners.

Each year we are grateful for the investment insights of Greg Alexander in the Foreword. Due to some timing constraints we are issuing the report without the Foreword for now, but will provide an updated document as soon as the Foreword is ready, likely in a week or two. Spanish and French versions will be ready shortly. The English version can be downloaded here or in the CTIS section of the library.