project k

Funbio seeks a specialist consultant to develop a financial strategy for RedLAC and CAFÉ long-term sustainability: Project K – Knowledge for Action

Funbio is seeking a specialist consultant to aid in developing a financial strategy for RedLAC and CAFÉ long-term sustainability in "Project K – Knowledge for Action". 

This consultancy aims at developing a common financial strategy for both the RedLAC and CAFÉ networks as a way to ensure their long-term sustainability by strengthening the network members’ financing skills. This consultancy shall be carried out by one consultant with a balanced knowledge and experience regarding the development of financing and marketing strategies for EFs (or environmental organizations, biodiversity conservation initiatives), so that all requirements mentioned in this Term of Reference can be fulfilled. The full ToR is available for download here.

A full description of the position is available on Funbio's website. Consultants interested in this call are asked to send the resume (CV) and a cover letter showing previous similar professional experiences related to the activities, products and required competences. The cover letter should have a maximum of 2 pages. All CVs and cover letters shall be written in English and sent to by May 25th, 2018.