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Conservation International Establishes Ecuador Azul Endowment Fund to Strengthen Ecuador’s Marine Protected Areas

Story from Conservation International

Arlington, Va. (March 29, 2019) – Conservation International today announced the Ecuador Azul fund, a $6 million endowment fund supporting the conservation, management, and long-term sustainability of Ecuador's marine protected areas (MPAs).

Ecuador Azul will initially fund five MPAs spanning nearly 200,000 hectares (494,211 acres) of diverse marine, coastal, and estuarine ecosystems that comprise Ecuador's Marine and Coastal Protected Areas Network. The five MPAS include: Galera-San Francisco Marine Reserve, Pacoche Marine Coastal Wildlife Refuge, Machalilla National Park, Puntilla Santa Elena Marine Coastal Fauna Production Reserve, and Manglares El Morro Wildlife Refuge. These areas contain a range of biodiversity, from the world's largest cluster of manta rays to one of the most extensive mangrove areas along the Pacific coast. 

For further details on the Ecuador Azul Fund please see the full story on the Conservation International Website.

Photo credit: The Coral Reef Image Bank / The Ocean Agency

Blue Finance - New PPP Signed in the Dominican Republic

An innovative Public Private Partnership (PPP) agreement for marine conservation was signed on February 23rd 2018 in the Dominican Republic. The agreement, facilitated by Blue finance, defines the co-management of 8000km2 of the Marine Sanctuary “Arrecifes del Sureste" between the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources and a non-profit consortium/co-management body; comprised of local and international NGOs, private sector organisations, and the NGO Blue finance, among others.

See the full press release here.

*Text provided by Blue Finance