Request for Proposals: Roster of Pre-Qualified vendors for the Provision of Technical Support Services to Carry out Targeted Scenario Analyses for UNDP


The objective of the Request For Proposals is to establish a Roster of Pre-Qualified vendors for the provision of technical support and advisory services related to carrying out the Targeted Scenario Analyses (TSA). TSA is an innovative analytical approach, developed by UNDP, that captures and presents the value of ecosystem services in a way that is more relevant to the choices facing a public or private decision maker. You can find full details of the TSA approach in the English version of the guide that can be downloaded here

These Service Providers will need to be able to assemble a team of specialists with appropriate skill sets and experiences to assist UNDP in carrying out the TSA’s in a range of countries around the world, on an ‘as-needed’ basis. Further information, including how to apply, is available here. Application deadline is April 27th, 2018.