Project K Seeking Consultant to Conduct Workshop at CAFE Assembly

Project K is looking for a consultant(s) to conduct a workshop on “Program Monitoring & Evaluation in Environmental Funds” in Mauritania at the 7th CAFE Assembly in October 2017.

Technical and Financial proposals should be submitted by email to by July 30th 2017, identified as “Project K WS CAFÉ 2017”.

Consultants must comply with all the requirements to be eligible to participate in the selection process. It will be conducted in accordance with their Operational Procedure for Purchasing and Hiring, available on Funbio's website.

The Terms of Reference (Tor) are available here.

New OECD Publication on the Use of CTFs for Marine Protected Area Financing

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development has published a book on barriers to effective biodiversity policy reform. It includes a chapter on the use of conservation trust funds in funding marine protected areas, in Mauritania and Guinea-Bissau, through a mechanism akin to international payments for ecosystem services (chapter prepared by Fabien Quétier and Ariane Amin of Biotope).

The publication is currently available in e-book form, here. The print version should be available in the coming days.