Bhutan to Permanently Protect Network of Protected Areas

The Royal Government of Bhutan, World Wildlife Fund (WWF), donors and partners from around the world announced their commitment to create a USD $43 million fund—the first of its kind in Asia—to permanently protect Bhutan’s network of protected areas.

This funding will be combined with USD $75 million from the Bhutan government, which will be contributed over a 14-year period, to support a new program called Bhutan for Life (BFL). The program, which is supported in part by a USD $26.6 million grant from the Green Climate Fund, will ensure that there is funding forever to properly manage Bhutan’s protected areas—which constitute 51 percent of the country, the highest percentage of land designated as protected in Asia. 

The press release can be found here. For further information, both WWF and USNews have provided web stories.