Monitoring & Evaluation

Evaluacion SINAP2

Final Independent Evaluation SINAP2 2010 / Authors: Paquita Bath and Allen Putney

Evaluacion de Termino Medio SINAP2 2005 / Authors: Sergio Graf and Daan Vreugdenhil

Mid Term Independent Evaluation of the Natural Protected Area Project 2000 / Authors: Allen Putney and Ramon Perez Gil Salcido






Instrumento para el Monitoreo y Evaluacion de la Gestión Participativa 2007

This document presents a checklist of what ideally should be present for participative engagement in PA management.



Linea de Base para la Evaluacion GPAN 2007

GPAN is a large GEF funded project with clear deliverables and this methodologial baseline was built for this project.



Sondeo de Acompaniamiento 2012

Fondo Acción’s 2012 satisfaction survey questioner applied to proponents (individuals, NGOs and Community Based organizations) that presented proposals to participate in the Fund’s Calls.


SondeoSatisfaccionProponentes2012_Fondo Accion.pdf

GCF Monitoring Indicators (Annual Outcomes Report)

These indicators are used to track the progress and performance of projects in the GCF portfolio, both during the stage of protected area development and after long-term financing has been established. The first tab in this spreadsheet includes indicators related to protected area mangement effectiveness. It is based on the METT tool that was developed by WWF and the World Bank, with some modifications. The second tab includes indicators designed to track the effectiveness of conservation endowments and trust funds. These indicators were developed based on best practices for the success of consevation endowments, conservation trust funds, and other long-term financing arrangments.