Climate Change

Estimating mobilised private climate finance: Methodological Approaches, Options, and Trade-Offs

The primary objective of this report is to inform the development of methods to measure in a transparent manner progress towards the fulfilment of the financial commitments made by developed countries in the context of international negotiations under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. It also aims to encourage careful examination of the links between public interventions and private climate finance. This is to ensure that methods to estimate mobilisation help encourage the efficiency and effectiveness of public interventions aimed at mobilising such finance. 

Author(s):Raphael Jachnik, Randy Caruso (OECD). Aman Srivastava (WRI) 


Author(s): Robert Schaeffer, André F.P. Lucena, Régis Rathmann, Alexandre Szklo, Rafael Soria, and Mauro Chavez-Rodriguez
April 2015

CSR Report 2013: Climate Change

This report addresses deeply one of the core areas surrounding Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Group's main initiatives : Climate Change. This reports refers to fiscal year 2012, which ended is March 2013.

Saturday, Mar 1st 2014

Climate change and decline in water resources in Kikuletwa Catchment, Pangani, Northern Tanzania

This study covers eight villages which face a variety of water shortage and environmental challenges that are intertwined with the causes and consequences of a changing climate. Access to water is the primary natural resource concern in Pangani Basin and Kikuletwa catchment villages and a lack of infrastructure for storing and directing water during rainy periods limits opportunities for harvesting water for irrigation and other household uses.

Author(s): Linus K. Munishi and Pudensiana C. Sawere
Wednesday, Jan 1st 2014

Assessment of global megatrends--an update: Global megatrend 8: Growing demands on ecosystems

Driven by global population growth and associated demands for food and energy, as well as evolving consumption patterns, the pressure on the Earth's ecosystems is continuously increasing. This report prepared by the European Environment Agency (EEA) analyses global changes and their implications for Europe's environment.

Author(s): European Environment Agency (EEA)
Friday, Dec 6 2013