Investment Management Principles & Practices

A Capacity Building Workshop for Conservation Trust Funds

October 28-30, 2017, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

About the workshop

As a side event of the 19th RedLAC Assembly, this 2.5-day workshop will focus on fundamentals in investment management and will be offered exclusively to Trustees, Board members, senior and financial staff of Conservation Trust Funds and Environmental Funds.

This workshop is based on the response of CTFs to the Conservation Trust Investment Survey; over 90% requested investment management education. Numerous donors to the CTFs have also expressed a need to build investment management knowledge among the CTF Boards, recognizing that many CTFs have cross-functional boards in which not all members may have a baseline understanding of investment management principles.


Who is organizing

Organized in partnership by the Latin American and Caribbean Network of Environmental Funds (RedLAC), the Conservation Trust Investment Survey (CTIS) Project @ WCS, in collaboration with the Conservation Finance Alliance (CFA), the Caribbean Biodiversity Fund (CBF) and USAID, with the participation of:

·      Presenters: James Money-Kyrle and Katy Mathias

·      Facilitators: Karen McDonald Gayle and Camila Monteiro



Participants will:

·      Gain an improved understanding of investment management for CTFs

·      Feel more confident in their role as a fiduciary of a CTF

·      Reflect on their CTF’s existing investment policy, compare to leading endowment best practice and discuss possible modifications in small group conversations OR develop preliminary ideas for an investment policy if the CTF does not presently have one

·      Develop a course of action for sharing both learnings and proposed changes with their respective Boards.



The workshop mixes lecture, case studies and small group discussion formats/techniques to build knowledge and capacity on principles of investment / asset management for foundations like CTFs. Participants will be invited through reflection exercises to link the workshop content to the CTF they represent, and to build an action plan to make the learning more concrete in their own organization. The workshop draws on the CTIS, the Practice Standards for CTFs, and general principles of investment management for endowments and foundations to build a body of knowledge.


How to register

Registration is now closed.


What participants said about past editions of the workshop

“I studied finance for my MBA and we had good knowledge about investment management. This retreat took me to another level though.”

“I think I can comfortably be part of the Investment Committee and apply the knowledge that I gained.”

“Coming to grips with the essential elements or building blocks for managing endowment funds, encompassing the roles and responsibilities of the Trustees, the Investment Committee and the guiding investment policy and strategies, allocation of assets, use and management of Fund Managers and the various tools used to monitor and evaluate performance in a diverse and changing world economy -- frankly, I benefited much more than I expected.”

“The workshop gave me a rare exposure to principles governing investments. And the facilitators did an excellent job. I am pleased to report that my expectations were met.”

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